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Texas Hemp Flower Ban Can’t Go Into Effect Until At Least Feb 2024

Although temporarily blocked by a court, the Texas hemp flower ban prevents the sale or

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Hempcrete In Australia: Hemp To The Rescue During Heat & Drought

Last year, a house in rural Australia, scooped a prestigious prize for building design. The

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HIA vs DEA Decision: What The Dismissal Means For The Hemp Industry

When a federal court dismissed a lawsuit between the Hemp Industries Association and the DEA,

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Flawed But Promising, Could The Industrial Hemp Farming Act Be The Key To Hemp’s Future?

A new bill before Congress could remove the last barriers to hemp growing in the

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Hempcrete Homes Are Sustainable, Durable, And Healthier To Live in

Did you know there's a building material that's durable, sustainable, healthier for the occupants and

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World Health Organization Says CBD Safe, With No Potential For Abuse

A division of the World Health Organization declared CBD oil to be safe, with many

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